#farkyaratır We have been working to make a difference with great energy and pride since 1950.

Our History


About Us

Half a Century of Experience

The trade life adventure of Hacı Emin Yıldırım, which started with the livestock trade from Kars to Ankara, continued with Zeki Yıldırım's establishment of Yıldırım A.Ş. Printing, Real Estate Investment, Wedding Candy in the 1970s; Our company, which was active in the 1980s with the dealerships of brands such as Dodge, Chrysler, Vestel, and Arçelik, started to undertake important construction projects in the 1990s to evaluate land investments. At the same time, it built and opened fuel stations at two important points at the North and South exit of Ankara, and continued its dealership system with its stations on the Ankara-Eskişehir and Ankara-Konya highway.

Zafer Yıldırım, the founder of Yıldırım Grup, who started the first construction project with Yıldırımkent Gülyazısı Site in 2000, continues to produce projects with solid steps, employ people and create added value for the country's economy with the excitement of the first day with many construction projects. Yıldırım Grup, which has achieved success in all sectors in which it has been operating since its establishment, has united 3 companies under its roof and has shown its difference in the sector with solid foundations. Yıldırım Grup, which has signed important projects such as Eymir Houses 1st and 2nd Stage, Beyaz Houses, Ankara Bar Association Social Facilities, Rainbow Houses, Mogan Park Houses, Gölbaşı Trade Center, Yıldırım Sera Studio Houses, Cevizlipark Houses, Beytepe Beyterrace Houses, It is crowning its 50th year with Yıldırım Kule in Balgat, one of its favorite locations.

Yıldırım Grup, which changed the face of Beytepe with the Focus Beytepe project, which has made a tremendous impact in the construction sector and is still under construction, has launched International Focus Schools, the pre-school education brand with the highest educational standards in Ankara.

In addition to the ongoing investments in many sectors, the TEK-MER project, which was entitled to use the phrase "Technology Center" as a result of an 8-month examination by Kosgeb, was the first private equity-weighted initiative of Turkey, and was implemented by the founding partnership of Yıldırım Grup.

Our Policy

Success, Stability, Reputation and Trust

Although there are organizations with solid foundations that grasp the institutionalization, which is the necessity of today, focus on success, stability and reputation, work without compromising their principles, our priority is always to start with responsibility towards our people and respect for our society.

Due to our company structure that attaches importance to innovation and development, investment in research and development, quality in product and service, team spirit among our employees are much more important than commercial gain. Our Board of Directors is aware of the fact that commercial success is investing in education and personal professional development, and directs its activities by trying to be open to criticism and transparent in its decisions. While we are striving to be among the best in every field in which we operate, we try to add material and moral value to the society. In addition to the social responsibility projects we participated in, we are in the peace of making the value we give to our people sustainable with the scholarships we give to our successful young people who are preparing for university.

Our Goals

Proper Planning

In today's market conditions, our successful position and appreciation references, which we have achieved as a result of high customer satisfaction with quality manufacturing with the most affordable costs, teamwork, quality service and after-sales support, support and encourage us to do better. All kinds of Investment, Service, Construction and Manufacturing are carried out in line with social expectations and needs in all of our companies within the Yıldırım Grup. Our first priority is to meet well-defined and well-defined needs completely. By combining our past knowledge and experience with today's knowledge and technology;

In line with customer expectations, by meeting the needs in the best way,
By following the innovations and developments in the sector, with the most appropriate and fastest solution alternatives,
It is realized with the active participation of all our employees and the principle of continuous improvement.

Our Brands